Eyelid Malpositions

Eyelid Malpositions

The delicate eyelids have many moving parts, and changes due to age, trauma, infections, or prior surgery of any sort – cosmetic or reconstructive around the eyes and cheek – can affect their function. Common problems include inability to open or close the eyelids, inward or outward rotation of the eyelids, eyelashes rubbing the surface of the eye, or other abnormalities.

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Cicatricial Ectropion
Eyelid scarring pulling the eyelid away from the eyeball.
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Inwardly rotated eyelashes rubbing the cornea.
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Involutional Ectropion
Lax eyelid tissues from old age, pulling the eyelid away from the eyeball.

What are my options?

Surgery can be performed to address the underlying abnormality and restore function to the eyelids and face. Treatment is individualized to each patient’s condition, and may involve tightening of the lower eyelids, sutures to rotate the lashes, or contouring of the eyelid margin. Treatment can also be combined with cosmetic surgery of the eyelids to provide an improved aesthetic result.


Will insurance cover my surgery?

Health insurance may cover your surgery if the eyelid malposition is affecting your vision in certain ways – corneal dryness, eyelashes rubbing the eye, or in other ways. Please check with us to see if your surgery would be covered.


What can I expect with surgery?

These procedures take from 30 – 60 minutes and are done with local anesthetic or under IV sedation. Patients may have light bruising for 5-7 days, and are generally back to normal within 1 week. With successful treatment, the condition usually does not return. Complications are rare, and patients are typically very satisfied with the procedure.